Torridon Cushion: What is tw2p?

I am planning to make this cushion cover.
The pattern explains what tw2p is, but I don’t understand it.

Here is what the pattern says:
tw2p = purl next 2 sts together, then purl into the first stitch again, then allow both loops off left needle together.

I should purl the next 2 sts together.

Purl into the first stitch again: Which first stitch? The first stitch of the two stitches which I purled together? How do I do that? Using the left hand needle?

Can someone please explain this to me?

You purl two together, but don’t slide the stitches off.

Then reinsert your needle into the stitch closest to the left tip and purl that one again, then slide them both off.

Thanks Ingrid. You are a sweetheart.