My husband is going to Toronto for business and I get to go along. I will have lots of time to see the sights and SHOP FOR YARN ! I have addresses for several yarn shops, and wondering if anyone who lives there or has visited has a favorite. I would also love to find some wonderful fiber for spinning.

I have this HUGE desire to drive by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s (Yarn Harlot’s) house, take pictures and carry around one of her books in case I see her, to get her autograph. I don’t consider myself a celebrity stalker … but knitting book authors … that is a whole different story ! (And I love her blog)

Along with the knitting shops … any daytime knitting guilds or meet-ups ? I have checked for classes, too.

I’d probably be too shy to run up to someone and ask for an autograph, but I’d sure want to! :lol:

I’ve only been on the tarmac waiting out a storm so I don’t know a thing about the yarn stores though. :wink:

You know Stephanie’s address? Have you looked it up on Google Earth? I love doing that. Where might I find her addy? I live a 2-hour drive from TO, but don’t like city driving, so seldom go.

have fun!

Oh yes…best place in TO, IMHO is Romni Wools

Not so easy on Parking and not open on Sunday…but lots of really nice quality yarn!

And not too far down the street, (about a 20 min walk to the east) is Americo Original I found that one a little more intimidating, as they are a smaller shop, and all their wools are on skeins on the walls. But very very nice quality. Don’t go there with less then $40…smiles

Right next to Americo is my fave little bar ever…Tortilla Flats. Stop in and have one of their 3oz drinks (my favorite being the Cactus Cola)…I highly recommend the Taco Salad. Nothing fancy, but really good!

Both these places are not your Red Heart/Bernat/Patons stuff. You won’t find any of them in these two shops, but very very drool worthy!

CN tower. I haven’t been to TO since I was a teen (back in the stone age) but the tower is freaky and fun…

Jan, I probably wouldn’t just go up to someone, either :aww: I have a couple of signed books from Stitches South in Atlanta, but it was a “book signing” not just walk up and ask.

Woodi, I don’t know her address … I wonder if they have a celebrity bus tour :wink:

Crycket, Romni is at the top of my list, good to know there is another one close and yummmmm … the Taco Salad sounds wonderful. We will be staying at the Marriott Eaton Center and I will be walking/bus/ ?? so no worry about parking!

NK, The CN Tower is on my list when I need a break from yarn shopping . :roflhard:

Crycket, I just looked at the Americo web site, oh my ! :passedout:

Well…I worked down town TO for 10 years…

If you need to know anything…let me know…I can probably find you a few good places to eat…(you will need to give me your budget) and a few good places to see. If you are into shows…You have the Princess of Wales and the Royal Alex as well as The Canon Theatre which is the closest theatre to you…

Depending on when exactly you are there…you could go to the CNE…which IMO is way over priced, but something to poke around. The Tower is ok. Definately touristy. And there are tours around, but I doubt you will find one that will chug you past The Yarn Harlot…apparently she can be found around the down town area though…so keep an eye peeled!

I have always wanted to do the Hippo Tours (not sure where it leaves from) but it is a bus and a boat…so they go for a tour around the harbour and then around the city…really cool!

Definitely check out Americo if you get a chance! I also like The Purple Purl … it’s a neat cozy little place :thumbsup:

Ah…Queen St E…never really went past Yonge st. very often…but that would have been cool to know about. I needed places I could run to on a lunch break! Maybe on a trip in I will have to take a look there…

I always wanted to check out The Knit Cafe too…I used to see it on my street car trip in and out of the city, but it was a bit futher than I was willing to walk…and I was cheap and didn’t want to spend another ticket to get on and off the streetcar…smiles

Thanks everyone! We leave tomorrow night and I have everything programed in my GPS !!!

Have fun! :woot:

Have fun…take pics!

Showing my age now, but back in 1965 my girlfriend and I chased down Troy Donahue when he left a local movie theater promoting his movie and got his autograph. Of course, I was a totally invincible 16 year old with stars in her eyes, but…oh, my…was he ever gorgeous!! So tall, blonde and handsome! My girlfriend actually still has the piece of paper with his autograph! So…I say, “Go for the autograph!” I’m sure she’ll be flattered!