Torn ligaments


okay I’m trying to finish gifts and looking forward to using the beautiful yarn my hubby just bought me but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen–I fell and tore the ligaments in my elbow! playing with my dog and got tangled up and ended up spread eagle on the driveway! My hand is all swollen and my whole arm is bandaged and in a sling.

sorry for the self pity but I just wanted some sympathy from those who understand.

:hug: I’m so sorry for your injury. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t knit. Maybe after the swelling goes down you can figure out how to knit with your hands resting in your lap? I had a friend who did that and I htink there is somone one here who has done that as well. Here’s to a quick recovery!

Now you have the perfect opportunity to learn something new! Toe knitting! :slight_smile:

In all seriousness though–i know how you feel about not being able to knit. I broke my wrist a few months ago and the whole time I was just itching to find a way to put a needle in my cast hand. Be strong! the needles will be ready for you when you get back

So sorry! Having had to live through healing of joints and ligaments numerous times, I know how frustrating it can be to back off a loved activity. Good luck in your healing process.

My dd hyper-extended her elbow and had small tears in her ligaments. She couldn’t move her fingers for over a week without being in pain. She also had muscle spasms. Hope yours don’t take as long and you get back to knitting!! Good luck!

:hug: ouch!! I’m sorry to read about your fall…take it easy and care of it!! I Hope you feel better soon :hug:

I just got finished w/ a tendon injury in my left THUMB joint… and there was no way I could knit. I wasn’t allowed… the pain was horrible … but, the doctor told me that even if you can’t see it… the movements of knitting do ‘cause movements’ that an injury can’t get well if they are constantly doing.

So, as they say… just suck it up… be glad for what you had already finished. *I had only managed to knit 2 gifts (because I had started early this year)… and rest it, elevate it, and/or ice it… whatever the doctor told you to do.

If you rest it… it will get well faster. If you try to knit when it’s not well enough… it will extend the injury. Honest. So, enjoy the hot chocolate, watch the Christmas movies and enjoy the time reading/etc.

If you haven’t figured it out… use a pillow to rest your elbow on when sleeping and sitting down. It will help w/ the pain and the feeling of things ‘feeling pulled.’

Sorry it happened. And, I do know it’s frustrating. This is the 3rd time that I’ve had a hand or a wrist injury the past several years. This one (tendon) wasn’t as long lasting as the others were.

AND, remember… IT WILL GET BETTER… :smiley: