what is easier crochet or knitting?

Neither or both. It really depends. Can you be more specific - are you thinking of learning one or the other? You can learn both and decide which you prefer. They have somewhat different uses so it depends what you want to make.

I prefer knitting because I think there is more variety in the fabric you can produce. I can crochet–I can’t say that one is easier than the other.

I’m new to both knitting and crochet, although I learned to knit first. Personally, I found crochet to be easier, but I don’t know if that’s because I was already familiar with knitting. However, I prefer knitting over crochet 100 times over. It’s just a lot more fun for me than crochet. And I find crochet patterns to be 10 times more confusing than knitted patterns. I think you would do well to learn both and decide what you prefer. Maybe focus on learning the basics of one method first, try out a simple pattern, and then learn the basics for the other method, and see which one you like better.

Tough call… there are more different basic stitches in crochet to remember, but it only has one crochet hook. Knitting has two basic stitches, but you’re working with 2 needles. So what is harder to one person may not be harder to another.

Personally I much prefer knitting because I like the stitches better… I like the fine stitches of knitting over the bulkier crochet.

I’d have to agree with Jan. It all depends on which you find more comfortable to do. I learned to crochet first, then learned to knit years later.

As with all things, your mileage may vary. Why not try both to see which you prefer?

I do both as well and prefer knitting. I also find there are a wider variety of fabrics you can crate knitting and to me most crochet looks alike. Friends I have that crochet and [I]don’t[/I] knit say they never tried knitting because it looked hard. I don’t find one harder than the other either. They’re just different :slight_smile: