Topi Hat

DD12yo wanted a hat so I showed her several on Ravelry…the Topi is what she selected. This pattern was so easy to follow and knitted up fast. More pics on my blog.

Good Job!


Both are cute!

That is a really cute hat, perfect for an almost teenager! I am sure that she thinks you are the best. Merry Christmas.

Too cute! You chose the perfect colors, and she looks great in it.

[I]I’m sorry but I deleted several photos from my blog. I just didn’t feel comfortable having her face showing.

How do you feel about posting pictures of your children on-line…here, Ravelry, blogs, etc?

Looks great! Being able to pick the hat and colors gave her something she knew she would love.

Good job on the hat. :thumbsup:

I don’t post pictures of my kids on public sites either, but that’s just me (and now you :teehee: ).

Cute hat!

:happydance: It looks great!!

Really cute pattern! Thanks for sharing the photo and the link! :thumbsup: