'topher's random oddball question of the day... - pick up and knit seamless rib from e-loop/e-wrap cast-on?

'topher’s random oddball question of the day…

is there a way to pickup and knit from an e-wrap/e-loop cast-on, so you can continue the rib made from it, but go the other direction seamlessly? i’m experimenting with a grafted short row crown in making a hat, and while the cast-on is stretchy enough, the rib may not be long enough for what i want, but i’m not sure how to extend it, short of ripping out the cast on round.

suggestions and ideas are helpful… goodnatured 'what were you thinking?'s are also ok. :wink:

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Hi X, that’s a good question. You almost have this situation:

The blue sts are close to a thumb loop or e-loop cast on. With the cast on you have a twist or crossover in the sts. You could try picking up the loops between sts and knitting down or you could cut out a row or 2 and pick up sts as in the link. I’m not sure it the rib will still be in register. Have to give it a try.
I wonder too if picking up the loops between sts and plain knitting them, then going to your rib stitch would work. I do a row of all knit stitch in the middle of ribbing when I want to put in a different color stripe without getting dots in the purl sts. You can’t see the all knit row.

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We both know with your talent , you’ll figure this out my son LOL ! PS, still working on the Fitz’s.

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