Top to bottom sweater question

I’m making a sweater for my husband and it’s a pattern from knitting pure and simple #991
I’m kind of freaking out here… I followed the direction to the tee (I HOPE). I got a bit confused in the beginning of the pattern and I’m just hoping I followed them correctly. I’m using markers per patter instructions and it just didn’t make sense with the first marker and the last not being the same type of stitches. The way the pattern reads is:
row 3 – inc., k to within 1 stitch of next marker, inc., slip marker, inc., rep at each marker. k to last stitch, inc.
So I increased the beginning stitch and continued on and when I got to the last marker - instead of inc. the first stitch, I just knitted til I got to the last stitch and then increased that. I HOPE I did that correctly!!
Also, I"m fairly far down now and there is a V in my sweater where increases were made at the ends. should there be??? The finished sweater picture is a crew neck. So, I"m freaking out over this V thing.
Can someone assure me??

There should be an increase on each side of each marker.

You can check if your stitches are correct by counting the sections. The front and back sections should be equal and the two sleeve sections should be equal.
As for the front, a crewneck sweater will be lower in the front than in the back and should correct itself when you pick up stitches for the neck edge.

so it sounds like I did it all wrong. Why did the pattern read:
inc., k to within 1 stitch of next marker, inc., slip marker, inc., rep at each marker. k to last stitch, inc.

The last marker reads k to last stitch. I took that as just knit to the last stitch and then increase that last stitch.

[I] inc., k to within 1 stitch of next marker, inc., slip marker, inc., rep at each marker. k to last stitch, inc.[/I]

You’re right. It does look like it asks for 2 increases in a row, but you’re correct to have done one.

It should look like this:

[COLOR=Red]I[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]Knit[COLOR=Red] I[/COLOR][/COLOR] M [COLOR=Red]I[/COLOR] knit[COLOR=Red] I[/COLOR] M [COLOR=Red]I[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]knit[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]I[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]M [COLOR=Red]I [COLOR=Black]knit[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Red] I[/COLOR] M and then back to the beginning.

Or in the round:

[COLOR=Red] [COLOR=White],[/COLOR]I[/COLOR] M [COLOR=Red]I [/COLOR]back of sweater [COLOR=Red]I[/COLOR] M [COLOR=Red]I[/COLOR]

[COLOR=White]…[/COLOR]sleeve … sleeve

[COLOR=Red][COLOR=White]…[/COLOR]I[/COLOR] M [COLOR=Red]I[/COLOR] front of sweater[COLOR=Red] I[/COLOR] M[COLOR=Red] I[/COLOR]

thanks. I feel like such an idiot!! LOL. I’m new to knitting and I sure am learning while knitting along and reading patterns.
I did do it wrong in the beginning. Because my stitches were way off on the ends. so, I did the ole rip out. It’s ok - I have alot of time on my hands.
The very first stitch in the pattern does call for two increases but doesn’t at the end. It just says, “you should have done 10 increases in this row.” STUPID instructions. It never said to do two increases at the end of that first row.
then… I didn’t increase after the last marker because I thought when it said to knit to the end and then increase that meant to NOT increase after that last marker. That made the ends way uneven once I got going on the project. UGH!!! So, now that I re-read the instructions and re-doing it, it makes perfect sense and I can’t believe I made that big of a mistake. So, here I go, starting over. But that’s ok - I’m learning.

There should be 4 markers where you always inc 2 at them. Then 1 inc at the beg of the row, and 1 at the end. That’s 10 sts.

I was assuming that it was knit in the round.

In any event, when I’ve started a project over, and it does happen often, I feel more comfortable with the pattern and have a better understanding of what’s what.

yes, that’s exactly how I feel - just more comfortable. And yes, it is done in the round. It’s not in the round yet. I have to get 80 some stitches on the back part first and then I add some more stitches and then it will be in the round for the body.

Okay, you’re knitting flat to start, you inc at the 4 markers, one each side of them, and at the beginning and end of the row.