Top of hat

So when I knit a beanie hat in the round once I get to the top part of the crown I always seem to mess up. How do you guys finish off a hat? I need all the tips I can get. I always feel like i get a bump on top.

Do you mean you messed up the decreases or the very end? The decs will be some form of `Kx sts, k2tog - repeat to the end’ then usually 1 or 2 rounds knit plain, then another dec round (Kx-1 sts, k2tog), etc. When you get to about 12-20 sts left (how many depends on your gauge) you cut the yarn and thread the tail through the stitches on the needle like a drawstring, and tighten them up. I usually go through them again so they stay snug.

Also if the top is too pointy you can skip the row in between when you get down to the last couple rows. It’ll flatten it out better. I usually go down to about 8 stitches before cutting the yarn so there is no hole.

When I knit a hat I usually get down to the last few stitches and graft them together with the kitchner stitch.

I like the look of the hat when I do this - especially if I don’t use a topper on the hat. I feel like it has a more finished look.

It really is up to personal preference - do a few each way and decide what you like better.

If doing the ‘Thread tail through stitches and draw through’ methods i like to get down to as few stitches as possiblev(single figures) so someties add in an extra decrease row at the end.