Top of hat pattern...what comes next?

I am decreasing a hat that I did P2K2

This is my decrease pattern so far
P2togK2 1 round
P1K2 1 inch
P1K2tog 1 round
P1K1 1 inch
now I either need to do P2 together for 2 rounds or K2together for 2 rounds, but I can’t figure out which one would fit…
I had to switch around a decreasing pattern from the internet cause I started P2K2, to make it work and I am not sure about this last step.

Which would look right…P2 or K2. Thanks!

I haven’t made a ribbed cap, but here is a good hat pattern that may help with the decreasing. You can just ignore the basic part of the hat and adapt the decrease to your hat and numbers.

That is a really nice pattern thanks!
I did P2 at the end and my hat ended up looking nice for the first time ever. All my other hats were a bit odd:)

I always try to end in purls so the first stitches are knits and it helps a lot. :wink: