Top of hat accent

My first “finished” project is yet to be finished, I did a hat in Joann’s Sensations Spectrum (super bulky, like 2 st to the inch!) I have about 18 inches of yarn left at the top and would like to put something cute on the top as an accent, but not sure what. There probably isn’t enough left for a pom-pom, and can you make them from super bulky anyway (and I don’t have a pom-pom maker)? Some kind of tassel? Braid? Crocheted chain stitch?

Once I get this done (the hat itself has been done for a while!) I can say I have a finished project! LOL

:cheering: Wanna see!

You could try SEVERAL braids with about an inch of yarn left unbraided at the ends! I wanna see, too!

Well that last 18 inches was the ONLY yarn I had left (it was a 1-skein project!), so I coudn’t do a lot of braids, but I decided to single chain crochet for a braided look, with a tad bit left at the end to tassel/frizz. Yay! I’m done!

WIll try to get a picture of it and my current baby blanket project up…somtime!