Top Gear Fans

From another thread here the talk turned to luxury cars. Any “Top Gear” fans here? My DH and I recently got into the show which is being shown on BBC America (which is my go-to channel). We just laugh hysterically at their antics. The recent show with the limousines and another one with them trying to cross the Channel were so funny! I want to drive a test lap!!!:happydance:

well im a huge fan of top gear. but then i am from the UK :slight_smile:

I love it! especially when they pit the cars against people with strange hobbies, like the rock climber who jumped off the edge to reach the bottom before Jeremy. Great show.

Oo oo, me too! :slight_smile:

I wonder if there is a group on Ravelry. Will have to check that out sometime.

I think I have a crush on Richard Hammond. He’s so adorable. :heart:

I love those boys so much, they make me laugh. The last special in Africa was just amazing. I have a t-shirt that says ‘[B]I am the Stig[/B]’.

I have a crush on one of the presenters but I’m not saying which one!

I was going to start a ‘Top Gear’ group on Ravely the other day but didn’t think it would interest many people.

Ooh you should!

We love Top Gear in my house too :mrgreen: We have a ‘Cool Wall’ on our freezer :teehee: (got the magnets with the magazine)

We :heart: Top Gear! I watched all 10 seasons! My favourite phrase is Jeremy’s “How hard can it be?!”:rofl: The Africa episode was great and i also loved the Polar special, but i hated that Richard lost, he tried so hard and worked much harder than Jeremy and James. And one of my favourite episodes is when Jeremy lost to a race in London to a marathon runner :teehee: We should make a pattern of Stig and start a fashion:think:

Can’t wait to tell hubby that there are “Stig” T-shirts somewhere. I’ll have to try and find one for his birthday.

Nobones, please start the group. I’m Sunshinesmom on Ravelry too and I’ll be there.


or just type in ‘Top Gear’ in the group search.

For the T-Shirts, they are really good quality.

Big fan here too i have joined your group


My hubby and I are addicted to Top Gear! We got hooked on it a few years ago when they ran one season on Discovery, then it disappeared so we hunted down all the old episodes online. We Tivo and watch it religiously now! I loved the Polar special, but I think my favorite was when Jeremy (in a Lambo or Ferrari–can’t remember which) raced Richard and James (who took only public transportation and a plane) to Switzerland. It was hilarious! And Richard is adorable. Tiny and adorable. :lol:

I’m so off to join the Ravelry group now.

Anyone else watching the boys on sports relief wrecking that poor guys garden - it must be a wind-up

Seems it wasn’t a wind up but taken in good humor and yes i watched it

Top Gear rocks! I love the one where they go across africa - particularly the bit where Richard yells OLIVER!

TBH, I don’t watch much Top Gear because I don’t get great reception and have to download any TV I watch, but after watching Top Ground Gear Force the other night at a mate’s and almost peeing myself laughing I think I’m going to get a few more. I haven’t seen anything so funny in a long time! Poor Steve, he looked like one of the Mitchell brothers in that still! My favourite bit was seeing the mini cat just … fall… in the background.