Top Down Sweater

Ok, I get and have made a bottom up raglan sweater, but I have never tried a top down sweater. What are the basics and how would you make one? Any favorite patterns? Thanks in advance for the help.

I started one about 12 years ago, so that pattern is long gone (and I never finished it anyway).

I found this Raglan calculator, and it looks really interesting. I think I’d like to try it sometime.

You may want to check out the “Knitting Pure and Simple” patterns. Most of them are top down
They are available through on-line retailers and many LYS.

Thanks. The sweater calculator worked great and I have a top down raglan sweater pattern right now. It looks really easy and very clear instructions.

Yay! I’m glad you liked it! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I love how it lets you put in your needle size, chest measurement and gauge. It looks like it can be adapted to almost anything.

Not that I’m prejudiced, but if you want the best, most complete and most inspirational reference, go for the appropriately titled “Knitting From the Top” by Barbara G. Walker. It covers absolutely everything you need to know about knitting top-down raglans as well as many other sweaters and other garments.
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