Top down socks on 2 circs - Heel

I’ve made lots and lots of socks and love my dpns and top down construction. Especially the heel (heel flap and heel turn, picking up the gusset stitches, decreasing the gusset).

I’ve looked all over for videos on how to do top down socks, more specifically, the heel flap, etc. and can’t find anything on how to do this on 2 circs. The only sort-of helpful video was Cat Bordhi’s Little Sky sock on 2 circs, but it didn’t show how she got to the heel section (only doing it) and it was a short row heel, which I really don’t like.

Any help? Or is a regular heel on top-down 2 circs impossible. By impossible I mean - do I have to invent something?

ETA: I found a video here: But, it missed certain important info for me.

I get doing the heel flap and turn on one needle. I get picking up the first section of gusset stitches. THEN, you knit across the instep stitches - Do you pick up the other gusset stitches with the instep stitch needle? If so, can you then transfer them to the other needle so you don’t need to use markers? That would, essentially, make the beginning of the round in the middle of one of the needles, wouldn’t it? Is that do-able or frowned upon?

Thanks in advance, again, for your help.

Maybe this link will help: