Top down sock

Say hello to my very first sock! As soon as I finished this, I started the second so that I couldn’t bail on it with “second sock fatigue”. I do find the last third of the sock challenging as DPNs are NOT my friends, but I guess with practice, I will improve. Also, the pattern called for a Kitchener stitch which I have trouble memorizing, so I used a three needle bind off. Yay!IMG_0997


I love the little heart on the heel - was that a result of colour pooling or did you knit it in?

Well done! Enjoy wearing the pair and thanks for the photo.

That was completely random - and I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out!

Thank you; this is one of the very few projects I have completed without writing for help - pretty ironic since I have avoided socks for a long time thinking they would be too difficult…

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I have never knit socks yet…I think I will attempt my first pair this winter. You’ve inspired me! Could you please share the name of the pattern you are using?

if you search for “knitting socks on 9 inch circular needles” you should see something from pop right up - have fun!

I must be showing my age. I swear I read it as “knitting socks on 9 inch nails.”
:metal: Rock on!


Well done. I’ve put a sock knitting kit on my Christmas list for Santa.

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When I knit socks I knit them both together on 2 sets I’d DPN’s. That way i finish them together. I have the Kitchener stitch written down which I follow on the last 10-12 stitches. I don’t like a pointy toe. My toes are ‘straight’ across - more squarish.


Thanks for the mention of three needle bind off! Hadn’t heard of it and that Kitchener stitch is challenging to say the least! Have to look it up on u-tube every time and never happy with the way it looks.

Good for you! I am bogged down on my first heel but I will persevere!

Welcome @Piano5678 !
If we can help, post your question. It’s ok to post a few rows just not a large portion of the pattern please, due to copyright. Give us the name of the pattern too.
Good luck with it!

Beautiful! I applaud you starting the second one so fast! I started a pair a year ago, and got as far as the top rim! Of the first one! I love love yours!

Thank you - I will take all the kudos I can get! It really helps that the pattern I used was very, very detailed and accurate:)

Beautiful sock! I don’t normally make socks, but when I have I use two sets of needles so I can do both socks at the same time. Knit the top of one then do the top of the other. Both done at the same time! Win!


I’m impressed, nice socks. I also attempted socks, got three quarters of the way through on 1st sock having shaped the heel but then got confused. I will have another go at some point, but suspect it will take a back seat for a while! I like the idea of knitting two socks at the same time. Maybe one day…