Top down raglan

If a pattern says that it is a “top-down raglan”, does that mean it is knit all in one piece?

Yes, I believe most if not all top down raglans are knit it one piece.

Yep, it’s knit on circular needles from the top down. I think most people prefer it because there’s no seaming and hardly any purling since it’s stockinette in the round is all knitting. I’m actually working on one now, and I love it!! It’s so simple. Definitely recommended, especially for a first sweater project.

Yay! Thank you! :cheering:

If it’s a cardigan you’ll still have to purl though if it’s stockinette. Still not much if any seaming. :thumbsup:

yep, i’m working on my first one using a pattern i found on ravelry with worsted weight yarn. I already have a couple of errors on the raglan increases for the M1 (small holes) but it’s all good… there’s a reason why i used the cheapest ww from my stash for the first one i’ve ever made :slight_smile: