Top-Down Raglan Pattern

Years ago, I bought a 6- or 8- page pattern that gave top-down instructions for either pullover or cardigan, for all sizes from toddler to adult (both sexes). In my recent move, all my knitting patterns disappeared, and I can’t seem to find this anywhere. Anyone have a copy they can copy and send to me (via e-mail or postage)?

Such a request is against copyright regulations, no matter how old the pattern. Besides, that’s pretty vague, if you remember more, like if it was from RedHeart or Spinnerin or something, you might be able to find it on ebay.

Patterns really aren’t expensive and they do last a long time unless lost of course. It might pay to just buy another one or two or as you need them. There are dozens of free raglan patterns as well.

Join and you can search by style, size, yarn weight, etc.

there is an online web site that you can check. It lets you design your own patterns. I think it’s called the knitting fiend.

Yes, that’s the name, but the address is for some reason or another…

You may not be able to find the exact patten you’ve used in the past, but this is a very common pattern type. I’ve seen dozens in both hand and machine knitting. In fact, I’d wager you can find something extremely similart - maybe even identical - for free online, and I also think you could find the pattern for free in the yarn department of the store. (those little displays all along the yarn aisle) They have some cute patterns there. I dont’ care for the acryllic yarn, but some of the patterns are cute.

I created one myself too, that specializes in decreases (increases, really, but they are crossed) several stitches in from the edge of the raglan, for a cabled effect. If I can still find it (It was printed on an old dot-matrix printer, and the paper is yellowed beyond belief), I’ll scan it and send it to you. There is no copyright problem because I created it myself. But mine was for women. You could reverse the button/buttonhole band and make it for a man, too. But I didn’t figure the stitches for a child.

(EDIT: a cursory search yielded this pattern - for any size and any weight yarn - you plug in your measurements, gauge and multiply & go


There’s also another pattern generator at the Knitting Fool.