Top down Raglan cardigan - gauge is off -

Hi All,
I’m working on the Taiga Hoodie -

I worked up my swatch and achieved gauge.

But now that I’m almost finished with the yolk, I realize that the gauge is 4 stitches/inch smaller then I need (and smaller than the swatch).

I’m wondering if I can just keep doing the increase rows until I get to the correct size? And then decrease those extra stitches to get the correct stitch count for the pattern?

Or should I just start over with a different needle size?

Thanks for the help!

Hi there,

Did you block the swatch? The difference is probably just coming from working with the yarn, pulling, tugging, etc. – I always trust the swatch! But if you’re saying that your swatch isn’t the right size (measured incorrectly?), I would re-swatch with larger needles.

Hi Bee,
Thanks for your input.

I did block the swatch and it measured 20 stitches/4".

I must have been tugging a lot because my actual project is measuring 24 stitches/4".

Judging by the fit I estimate I would need to do at least 4 more increase rows to get where I need to be.

I would hate to start all over if there is a better way to go.

Thanks again for your time and input!


There’s so much more work to do on this hoodie including the stranded pattern area that it’s worth getting it right. Four more increase rows (maybe 8 more rows total?) will increase the depth of the armhole. Is that going to be ok?
You’ll also have either extra sts to account for in the stranded area or, if you decrease, a smaller sweater across the chest and body.

You are right. I just hate starting over!
Thanks for your input.