Top down or bottom up?

I’m going to be making my first pair of socks and wondered what you all think is easier or what you prefer. Knit them toe up or do the toe last?

All in all I would imagine it’s about the same.

Hmmm…good question. I think toe-up might be a little easier if this is your first time knitting in the round. Toe-up knitting holds together better at the very beginning, IMHO. If you’ve already learned the joys of double-pointed needles, either way should be fairly easy for you.

I’m no good at toe-up patterns, because I’m a tight knitter. When I bind off, my stitches are always too tight there…even if I use larger needles. :wall:

If I start at the top, I have no problem. The top will stretch enough for me to put on the sock, and the kitchener stitch at the toe closes up very nicely.