Top down knitting (possibly a dumb question!)

I’m a fairly new knitter (been knitting for almost a year now), and would love to attempt to knit a top-down sweater, but am wondering how difficult it would be? I want to make myself some summer tops, but I despise (and am lousy at) seaming, and hate having to make multiple pieces (front and back, sleeves, etc) for a knitted item. I have a pattern from an old issue of Knit Simple magazine - a fairly basic looking short sleeved pullover summer sweater. I read through the directions, and it doesn’t sound too difficult, but the pattern is rated as “intermediate”. I am wondering if it would be worth attempting as I haven’t been knitting that long. Any advice?

I say go fot it! top down is pretty easy really. Plus everyone here will help you along if you have questions.

What issue is it in?

A top down pattern is one of the easiest there is - it should be labeled ‘beginner’. The magazine probably called it an intermediate because of knitting in the round, that’s all. I prefer to do tops and sweaters in the round because I don’t like to seam either.

No question is dumb, btw…

Thanks! I appreciate the advice! Here’s a picture of the top:

It looks fairly easy. From what I see on Ravelry the neck is lower on the the ones shown that in the picture and it seems there’s some kind of hem on the sleeves and collar. Does it say that on your pattern?

Here’s a few pages where someone shows theirs in progress and done.

My first sweater was top down, and it turned out great. The pattern was from “Knitting Pure and Simple,” and I found the instructions very clear. A few times I didn’t quite understand where I was going with something, but then you get the “aha” moment :-). Good luck!

I very nearly always knit top-down anymore. I just find the garments produced seem to fit at the shoulders so much better. I use a universal pattern generator. That way I can customize any size, yarn, style, stitch, etc; endlessly! Only way to fly, IMHO.

I love that sweater! Going to get that pattern, but I won’t have time to even start that until sometime in mid-summer. GAH! This will be my first top-down sweater so I’m sure to get confused. :wink: