Top down hat increase question

To make the top of my hat “flatter” do I increase more often or less often? I am thinking more often …

If it is more often … do I increase more times within the round … then knit one plain round … OR

Do I increase the same in each round but increase every round?

I don’t want my hat to be “pointy” on top.

I am using the “Live Dangerously, Don’t Swatch Hat” pattern from Thursday, November 22, 2007 in the pattern a day calendar … I skipped ahead :slight_smile:

Hi Debbie,

My guess would be more often within each increase round. Can you give us the pattern of increases in the directions?


CO 8
Inc in each stitch (16)
Knit even
K1, inc to end (24)
Knit even
K2, Inc to the end (32)
K even
K even, Inc to the end (40)
continue increasing 8 sts evenly on every odd row…

Hi Debbie,

I found the lady’s blog who posted the pattern! She’s got a suggestion (and lots of pics of FOs) on [color=blue][size=6]this[/size][/color] page for how to make the top flatter! Scroll down about a quarter of the way & look for the Live Dangerously, Don’t Swatch entry.

Good Luck, :happydance:


Thanks Diane! The instructions for casting on 8 stitches is actually the pattern that is in the calendar. I finished the hat and the top is just a tiny bit to pointy for me …

So … If I wanted to knit a completely flat circle … would I

cast on 8
inc every stitch - 16
knit even
increase every stitch - 32
knit even
increase every stitch - 64
until the cirlce is as large as I want it ???

I will google and see if I can find instructions for a flat circle :slight_smile: