Top down hat experiment

This is my FO for a top down baby hat for a 6-9 month size. This was an experiment that worked out well. Did it top down because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough yarn.

I knit this on size 8 circular needles using magic loop. I cast on 16 stitches, divided them, and joined them. I kfb all around on the first round to increase it to 32 stitches. On the second round, I kfb all around to increase the stitches to 64. I then proceeded to do a k2,p2 rib for the entire length of the hat. The ribs are nice and straight with no funky increase marks. I will weave the yarn end into the “chimney” on top and draw it tight to finish this off.

Closeup on hat increases. Sorry, tension’s not the best. Hat got frogged a few times in the experiment.

Looks nice

Super job on this little experiment. It came out perfect. Also, thanks for the explanation of how you did it!

I like it! I always find it a bit tricky to decrease 2x2 ribbing nicely (in the bottom up hats)

Very good. I really like the idea of top down hats. With your explanation, it doesn’t sound hard at all. Does this match the sweater you made?

Great experiment! It came out really cute!

Top down experiment successfully completed. I love the striping colors in your yarn.

Yes, it’s supposed to match the sweater. I had some left over. I may do some matching booties also.

For Salmonmac’s question: This is Jo-Ann’s Sensations Rainbow Classics in Bright Baby Pastels. It’s a brushed acrylic #5 weight bulky. This was a dream to knit with. I loved the self striping in it. Check out their color palette. I would definitely buy this again.

Oh, I think I have to go back to JoAnn’s and get some. Thanks!

Well, that was a smart idea! Starting at the top cuz yardage was in question! It turned out so nice! Love love love those pastels!

Well done! The ribbing looks good throughout and it will certainly have the stretch to fit nicely.