Top Down Fitted Sweater


Here I am posing in my sweater…

I made it top down (obviously) and entirely in the round.

Thanks for looking!

Patrizia :happydance:

Gorgeous n lovely color

Wow … it turned out beautiful!! Great job!

Gorgeous design and wonderful choice of variegated yarn. I notice you don’t recommend knitting this in a cotton yarn but what about a cotton/silk blend?

Very pretty! I love the detail at the bottom and neckline :thumbsup:

It’s beautiful!

Well what a beauty! Both you AND the sweater! I sure do like how you “vignetted” the photo, too! That’s really cool!

Very pretty!

Beautiful job! Your sweater is a perfect fit! :yay:

Yes I do believe that using a blend is fine for this sweater.
Something with silk would be lovely and very luxurious!

Thank you Dollyce!

Yes I thought I’d be a little different with displaying my photo - a little more eye-catching rather than just a boring old square! :wink:

I love the way the colors formed designs from the waistline down. Are there sections of some type or did the yarn just “do” that? It is very interesting. Nice sweater overall. Nice edging. Nice fit. Looks great on you.

i just used the yarn as I found it, no tricks or special way…
Thanks for the compliments!

It’s lovely – very nice fit!

Love it! It fits you perfectly!