Top Down Easy Cardigan Sweater

I’ve just finished knitting (for the 3rd time - 2 died) my blue top down easy cardigan. I have to say that I love the thing. Third time seems to have been the charm.
Because I have a ‘butt’ and a ‘tummy’, I decided to change the pattern somewhat by doing 2 added sts every 2nd row in the middle of the back of the sweater (so on the knit side) to add a little ‘wiggle’ room to the bottom of the beast.
It’s worked out quite well. And now I am spool knitting a bow to add to the back at the top of my increase to pull the sweater together in that place so it will fall gently down, instead of standing up.
I was just going to add a frog doodad as a special addition but couldnt’ find one the size I wanted… so I’ve gone to plan b… :slight_smile:
Also I didn’t make any button holes for the front of the sweater but I had decided to add buttons to one side and loops to the other.
Now I think that will not look so good so I’ve changed my mind on that too.
So I’m thinking of using a couple of pretty hook things for the first 2 places and then hidden black hooks for the rest of the sweater so it closes properly.
Do you think it will look hokey if I have a little pretty hook (sort of like a frog but in metal) at the top two places? Or should I forget that and just add the hidden hooks.
I could also just add buttons, and form loops from the other side. I have lots of buttons to choose from (about 5000)…
What do you think?
I’m not wanting to pull the two fronts over each other but just abutting.

Well, here’s what I did on the front of one of my sweaters. I’m not quite sure what the front looks like on yours, but I imagine it will look good. Remember those little sweater clips from long ago? I used to have one of those. Oh I just looked and they do still have those! Interesting!

I used those little hook thingies on my Zoe cardigan and love them! They’re available at I also lucked out and found some purely by accident at Hancock Fabrics on the button wall. The owner of the LYS here in Oklahoma City says she also carries them but I seem to get there only on my lunch hour so haven’t had time to poke around and look at them. Just thought some sources might be helpful.

I think the two decorative hooks will look very stylish. Lots of sweaters or cardigans only use one or two buttons or hooks at the top to close it.

Here are just a few examples: and and

That would give you the option of just closing those two and leaving the rest open, or you could do all the hooks for a more traditional look.

Can’t wait to see your finished project!!

I got my hooks at Joanns.