Top Down Cardigan

I am having a great time knitting this top down cardigan using circular needles. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden, which is 45% mohair, 45% silk and 10% wool. The colorway is #1. When I started, I was concerned that the fabric might not be as soft as I would like, but I have read that once you block it, it softens quite a bit. Right now, I am knitting the left arm and this morning switched from using ADDI Rocket 2 16" to Chiao Goo because I found the ADDI needles to be too blunt. This is the first time I have ever switched needles mid-project, so to speak, but since the cardigan is for me, I am a bit more relaxed about the possible outcomes.

I have tried 7 times to upload the jpeg and this is the error I get - how can I fix?
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It seems to be a problem with forum software or the server. I’ll let IT know. Maybe give it another try later.

thank you for letting me know, salmonmac :slight_smile:

The problem should be fixed on Tuesday. I’m very sorry for the delay. Please try again then.

I’m anxious to see it! I understand about worrying less if it’s for me. I have been disappointed in every cardigan I’ve made for myself, so I like to see ones made by others.

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I finally got back to this - here is the top down cardigan I was nattering on about. I have now finished the left sleeve and started on the right and am thrilled with how it looks and the progress I have made. I will upload another photo when it’s done.

That’s darling and the knitting is lovely.

Thank you, salmonmac! It will be the first cardigan I have made for myself and I am looking forward to wearing it when it’s done.

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