Top Down baby sweater knit in round

I’m looking for a super fast sweater knit from the top down in the round. I only want it baby sized so I can do it faster. Preferably in chunky yarn. I have a design in my mind and think it might make more sense to do it top down for some reasons, but I haven’t actually done a sweater like this. I just want to make a little one to get the idea of how it’s done. I guess I can find a baby somewhere to give it to.

Like this?

Thanks, Jan. Not quite like that. I found several patterns like that, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I’m looking for one knit in the round. All the cardigan patterns are knit top down, but knit flat.

If it’s for a real baby, a cardigan is better. It’s hard to stuff little arms into a pullover.


Okay, what if it’s for a baby doll? I just want to make a tiny sweater so I can get the technique.

Actually, I see patterns for sweaters in the round top down on the internet, but they’ve been ones you pay for and worse, have to wait to be mailed to you. I want download, instant gratification!

You could use this generator:

While it does say you wouldn’t want to use it for an actual kid sweater because the proportions are slightly off (babies/kids and the big heads and all) you could totally use it for practice :shrug:

If it’s just for practice, then great; would be even harder to put a baby doll’s arms into a pullover than a real baby though…!

Use the link Julie posted - that’s good for learning how to make top downs. Make the smallest size and maybe you can find a small child to give it to.


Thanks, I’ve got the generator up now.

c’mon now, there are plenty of baby pullover sweaters out there:
that’s first google hit for baby sweater. it may be difficult, but that obviously doesn’t stop people from doing it, so I’m sure there could be a pattern for it. i mean, don’t onesies go over the baby’s head? and i’ve had dolls with pullover sweaters for clothes, so i know that’s possible, too. why the hard time, suzee?

How about this one :shrug:

It’s not getting it over the head, it’s putting the arms through the sleeves that can be difficult. I had two of them, a long time ago but I still remember. It’s lots easier to get clothes on a baby (under 8-9 months) if they open in front or back.


It’s not free and downloadable but knitting pure and simple makes a top down cardigan that is REALLY easy…It’s called “Babies top down cardigan”.

:teehee: I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for… its knit in the round and a cardigan… they have other knit in the round patterns too that are sweaters that you may be able to adjust the size for… its not free but you can download it… :shrug:

Thank you all for trying so hard. That last one would work because, even though it is a cardigan, it is knit in the round and then cut open by steeking. I think I may try that one, if I can’t figure out how to make the head opening larger for the automatically generated one. I just figured that since I’m going to make this anyway, I’m sure I can find some small human to give it to. My “sister” in my last homestay had a baby in November, I think, so I could send it to her for the baby to wear in S. Africa’s winter, this June or so.