Top down baby bunting

hi all. I am working on the top down baby bunting pattern from knit pick and just a quick question under Contruction notes:

Work as established. To do so always work the button and stitches in seed stitch and the rest of the stitches in stockinette with cables. To maintain stockinette body with cables, work each stitch as it presents: knit the knits and purl the purls

So…on the WS i am suppose to work as established. So does that mean knit them ALL as they present and NO cables on this side? I think I’m reading into it

That’s a darling bunting. Yes, all the cable crosses should be on the right side (RS) (purl the cables on the WS).

Hi! Work each stitch how it presents so i just follow the stitches on the wrong side all the way across I’m guesing

Yes, if it looks like a V, knit it and if it looks like a bump, purl it.