Top Down Armhole Shaping..?

Hi there!

Novice sweater knitter here. I’m following this pattern, English version:

I’m on the Separate Body and Sleeves section. I knitted the 43, bound off 8, placed the next 62 st on string, then…realized I have this extra stitch that’s going to make a weird mini-gap between the cast off stitches and the stitches on the holder if I keep knitting (circled in red):

I’m definitely missing something here. I think I’m supposed to just have one smooth hole for my sleeve, but now I’m getting tripped up on this extra stitch and how I deal with it being between my cast off stitches and the stitches on the holder. Any guidance on what I’m missing and how I should continue would be greatly appreciated!!



Hi and Welcome to KH!
Thanks, GG for the links.
The directions are confusing especially as a new sweater knitter. This is a top down construction and so what usually happens is that when you get to the division of sleeves and body, you [I]cast[/I] [I]on[/I] sts for the underarms and put the sleeve sts on holders. The directions simply say “CO” and it’s understandable that you read it as “cast off” but it actually stands for “cast on”.

This is easily fixed. Put the sts on the holder back onto the needle and then take out the cast off sts one by one as you put them back onto the needle. Now you’re set to cast on 8 additional sts using a knit or cable cast on.

Looks like great knitting so far. Love your yarn choices.

Thank you for the links, GrumpyGramma!

Thank you so much, salmonmac! That makes perfect sense to me now. I also appreciate the link and advice for fixing - now I know exactly where to go! I love working with Cascade Heritage Paints, the color ways are so pretty :slight_smile:

You are so helpful! Thank you again! :smiley: