Top and beret for my sister

Hi there)
And these two works are for my yanger sister.
In my [COLOR=“Red”]blog[/COLOR] you can find more photos and free patterns. If you have any questions abt how to crochet this(may be explained not clear, lack of English), please ask :slight_smile:
Kisses and hugs)

Great job! They look so lovely on her.


That’s a beautiful set! Nice work on it!

Very nice! If only I had a body to wear something like that… sigh!

Very nice work!

thanks to all of you.
Yes my sister is very skinny, before pregnancy I had almost the same body but now… May be one day I’ll risk to show myself…

This is my photo on avatar before pregnancy)

You guys are one good-looking family! The top and beret are very cute and they look wonderful on her!

Too cute! Lucky sister!

It’s a beautiful set!!! Love the way it looks on her too. Great job!

Nice its too cool …its fit her very well …am sure she is very proud n lucky

Beautiful set! Your sister is lucky.

Ooooo la la! How very beautiful…both the knittings and the model! Well done!

SO CUTE!!!:cheering: