Toothpick knitting!

toothpick knitting. have u ever heard of such a thing?

i bet i could use em as dpns and make some fingerless gloves…

where’s the sandpaper? :teehee:

Wow. That’s amazing. I have the urge to try that.
Only…I’m without sand paper and toothpicks.

I’m quite sure I would break the toothpicks. :teehee:

I’ve knitted with bamboo skewers and chop sticks but never toothpicks. She must have really small hands.

Nadja xxx

Well, I have heard of 00000 dpns so I would suspose toothpicks would work. All I have are the square (flat) ones. I am or was working on building a doll house - that might work for some knitted accessories, if I ever get back to my doll house (All I have done are some windows).



My gram did it for my cousin’s dollhouse-- so her doll could sit in it’s rocking chair and knit, lol.

At my LYS there are these little sock earrings that were knitted with toothpicks.

hahahahahaha! that’s so cute! :heart:

i’ve seen people knit doll clothing done like that or with sewing needles even.

My Jujus can knit with toothpicks…but their hands are small. :teehee:

that’s great

I can use that for my scrapbook :happydance:

What weight of yarn would you use if you were to knit with toothpicks or sewing needles? Now Im curious :teehee:

weight 1 or 2 prolly.

this is a funny forum topic, I’d asked about this after I started knitting b/c I wanted to try it, now I think i will.

hmm, lets make a list of weird “knitting needles” here

i’ve heard of and/or used the following as knitting needles:

  1. chopsticks
  2. pencils
  3. toothpicks
  4. bamboo skewers
  5. popsicle sticks (sounds really stupid if u as me)
  6. sewing needles

can anybody think of any more?

straight pins with the colored balls on the end (unless that’s what you mean by sewing needles?)

Bolts and Nails! You said weird :figureditout: :lol: Actually I have already used two tail combs well I think thats what they are called…The ones that you part your hair with :teehee:

I’ve got beyond 0 circs. I think you could knit cobwebs with them.


:teehee: That’s my JuJu!!

Hey, my JuJu doesn’t have his knitting! :!!!:

i’ve notice that there are also many strange things ppl use as “yarn.” including cassette tapes and plastic bags!

you see in the island i live knitting tools such as size 4 and below knitting needles is non-existent, only once have I found 2.0mm and 3.5mm circs no dpns…so you have to improvise…with a good pair of scissors and sand paper I turned 4 chopsticks into size 3 dpns…now all I need is the slippery yarn cause the acrylic I tried to use almost killed my wrists!!..then I asked my mom to go to the craft store/mercery and see if she could find 2.0mm circs (the plan was to cut the cord holding the needles together off so I could use them as dpns) but all she could find were these very very very longggggg straight 2.5mm needles…for my advantage there were these men here working on our wooden doors, so I gave one of the workers the straights and asked him to cut them both in half and with the sandpaper machine thing to sharpen the unsharpened edges…and voila! I ended up with 4 2.5mm dpns :D…