Tools of the Trade


I just started taking up knitting and right now I only have a pair of 7mm straight needles (Size 10 or 11 US, I think).

Although I think the needles I would need would depend on the project I plan to do but I would like to know what are essentials tool that I need to get along. What are the commonly used needles (straight, dpn, circulars, cables, etc.) and the corresponding sizes? Would it be advisable to get the interchangeable sets (Denise or Boye; the Rainbow Colored Denise by Amy looks really nice)? What other tools should I get?

I’m from the Philippines and have very limited access to tools and supplies locally. My best option is to order online and it would be cheaper for me to buy as much as possible in one go.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


It really depends on the projects you want to knit.
I personally never use straight needle, but circulars! You can work with them just like with straights, but you can also knit in the round.
I guess that since you’re living in hot climate you will never knit a chunky wool item, so you probably don’t need any needles sizes bigger than the 7mm you already have.

Maybe you should ask yourself what kind of projects you want to knit in the future and even look for pattern to determine the kind of needles you probably need.
Like if you want to knit socks or want to knit with a certain yarn.

Happy knitting!

I don’t have an interchangeable set, because I already have so many needles. But if I was starting out, and my options for buying were limited, I’d definitely invest in one of those. And then, depending on what else you’d like to knit, maybe get some circulars in any sizes that are not covered by the interchangeables. Then you’d be in a position to knit just about anything, especially if you learn one of the techniques to use two circulars for small diameters.

You could also invest in dpns if you’d be interested in circular knitting without using multiple circulars.

Since you can use yarn as stitch markers and dpns as cable needles, the only other think I’d find essential is some tapestry needles for finishing. You can use yarn for stitch holders, too, if you have a tapestry needle.

I love my Denise Interchangeables! You don’t really need straight needles, just circulars since you can knit flat on them. I’ve also learned the magic loop technique for knitting small circumfrences on one long circular, so I don’t even need DPNs anymore! The interchangeable sets also give you your stitch holders, which I also use a ton.

Another tool that I absolutely cannot live without is my retractable tape measure. I use it all the time!!

Other handy tools, yarn needles, stitch markers, a yarn cutter or small pair of scissors, and a cable needle :thumbsup: .

I’m a new knitter so I couldn’t live without my crochet hook. Got to fix those mistakes. Can’t add anymore to the great advice already given.

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I must agree, an interchangeable set seems like the best option, I love my Denise set, I only use circular needles, too. Other tools that I find invaluable would be crochet hooks (help with dropped sts & provisional cast on), scissors, tapestry needles, point protectors (keep the work from falling off of the needles), magnetic board (I keep my pattern on a small magnetic board & use the strip magnet to mark my place), row counter (not a must, u can keep count on a piece of paper, but I love mine & use it all of the time), tape measure, ziploc bags (I put my yarn in a ziploc bag & snip off a corner to thread the yarn thru, this keeps the yarn clean & controlled), cable needles, needle sizer. That’s all I can think of off of the top of my head :wink:

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I love my interchangable sets… I have both Boye and Denise with Denises being my favorite… You can knit straight with the circs or join and knit in the round… I’d buy the double pointed as you needed them… and the Denise only go from size 5 needles to size 15… the boyes however start at 2… I always have a crochet hook with me to catch the drop sts… and pen,paper,tape measure, scissors, stitch markers… when I first started knitting I had to have all the notions now thats all I carry… I also have a copy of the pattern on a magnetic board, I have a gauge ref. but I don’t carry that with me all the time…When I’m not working on a porject I keep it in ziplock bags as well… and cables but again only when I’m working with cables… and sometimes if I don’t have a cable needle with me I use a double pointed needle… :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for the advice. :smiley: