Took my knitting out in public last night

So I guess I must be hooked. I didn’t even think about NOT taking it with me. I went to go take my state exam for EMT-Basic. I didn’t make it there as early as I wanted, but I was among the first finished.

After I looked up the answers to a couple questions I’d not been sure of, I grabbed my bag and went back inside to wait for some of my former classmates to finish so that we could chatter, as it’s likely the last time I’ll see many of them (most of my classmates are Marines or Navy Corpsmen). So I’m standing there chatting and knitting, and a couple of the guys thought it was so funny.

I didn’t pick it up again until after my class, so it was unexpected. None of them had thought I was the type to knit. They gave me some cheerful teasing about it, but they really thought it was cool of me. One of my female classmates came out and saw my knitting, admired it, and said she really doesn’t have the patience for it.

I admitted that it’s saving my sanity right now. I’m home alone with 4 kids for 5 days in inclement weather (church tomorrow is CANCELLED! we might get SNOW tonight of all things!). The kids were already off from school because of the holiday, then two teacher workdays…but now…oh dear.

it’s ok… it starts slow and then… it’s like breathing… you have to knit.
I take it with me almost all the time. I don’t take it when I fix dinner, or take a shower, but, almost everywhere else, lol.

It does help with the nerves, and believe me, without it my BP would be sky high, lol

Take care, and know that it’s a wonderful hobby, and a great lifestyle, lol


:happydance: That’s great!!

Aww Snowbear, you mean you don’t have a bathroom project? LOL I stop short of having stash in my bathroom, but when I had my entire stash with me, I was on the verge of expanding in that area.

I take my knitting bag with me any time I feel I may have to be waiting for any longer than 10 minutes. I may not get a chance to pull it out, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

makes a mental note to toss knitting into the emergency hospital bag

I have taken my crocheting/knitting with me everywhere for years. Even to the point I take a lot of grief from family for that too. :tap: I am just recently became a school bus driver & you can find my crocheting/knitting bag sitting right beside my seat just in case I get time in between my routes & will pick it up and do a little right there. I have been known to work on my current project at that time during Wednesday night and Sunday night church services.:angelgrin:

Recently a girl friend and I have started meeting on Thursday nights at a local Barnes & Nobles for a little bit of “girl” time to knit or crochet. People stop & admire and say how they would love to learn but don’t have the patience for it. I tell then that it is my patience and sanity. With three kids of our own, 1 married with a child of her own and the other 2 are teenagers, I had to have something or would have been committed years ago! Other bus drivers ask me how I can do that just sitting on the bus waiting for the kids to be released from school & I tell them it calms me for the coming storm. Get a lot of laughs out of that one.

I know that I am addicted since I have to have a bag with the current project or projects and a back up bag that stays in my car with back yarn & instructions for the next project. Not to mention when it comes time to pack for a trip the first bags packed are the yarn bags! :teehee:

I think that knitting in public can be a bit nerve wracking at first. You never know what kind of attention you’ll draw. I certainly felt that way, and I still can’t tell if some people are making fun of me to my face. But now I just don’t care. I don’t get to knit as much as I would like (do any of us???), but when I’m not taking classes, it goes with me everywhere. In fact, sometimes I just carry my bag around like a security blanket. Makes me feel good to know my needles are nearby. Kind of like having my children with me. :teehee:

I leave a bag with a small project in my car, and one in my office, in addition to bringing whatever I’m working on almost everywhere.

Yesterday, we had a work retreat (6 straight hours in a conference room!). At the end a few people came up to me and expressed surprise that I wasn’t knitting. But I was - the whole time:knitting:- it was in my lap, with my bag on the floor. I guess I achieved my goal of being unobstrusive :teehee:

:happydance: wow!

If I’m not ridin’ and guidin’ I’m sittin’ and knittin’, doesn’t matter where.

Won’t be long you’ll feel out of place if you don’t have your knitting with you.

People read in public all the time to pass time…why should knitting be any different. Actually it is friendlier. I would never interrupt a person reading to start a conversation but people always seem to be interested in what you are knitting and I am interested in what they are knitting if I run into a knitter…so I think it is a great to knit in public.
I had to go and get my car serviced at a first-come-first-serve service center. I took my knitting and was sitting in the service lounge for over two hours (very glad I took it with me) and an elderly gentleman started asking me about knitting…told me his mother knitted booties and sold them to “rich” people for two dollars (sure couldn’t do that today) to make money to feed the family when he was young and his father was out of work. He said that she even sent a pair to Shirley Temple Black when she was pregant just for fun and that he still had the nice thank you that Mrs. Black sent back to his mother. Don’t know about you but the conversation and the knitting made the time fly by.

See…! How cool is that? That is a nice story about Mrs. Black, one none of us would have heard, had you not taken out your knitting!! I love to knit in public. I don’t even think about it anymore and one of my favorite places is the auto dealership! The service manager (a guy) always asks me what I’m working on:). I have my 60,000 mi. warranty checkup due in a couple of weeks and I’m actually looking forward to it, because it means I will be able to sit and knit and not feel guilty for 2 or 3 hours:woohoo:


I haven’t felt ready to take my knitting out in public yet. I think it’s because it takes up so much space when I knit at home. Maybe socks or a scarf wouldn’t be so bad, but there’s no way I could take a sweater. And, once I get going I don’t want to stop. I have no problem watching someone knit when I’m out (in fact, it calms me just as much as doing it myself). If say, my car was finished or the nurse calls my name, if I’m not done with a row I wouldn’t want to be rude by asking them to “wait a minute” so I can finish before I respond to them!! :aww:

With my 3 kids, I don’t get the chance to knit in public. Chasing around a 2 year old and knitting don’t mix. But I do take it when I dropping off/picking up kids from school. And since I stay in the truck with the little one, it definatly makes it easier to knit.

I’ve been taking my knitting with me nearly everywhere I go since the day I learned! I bought this plastic skein holder with a handle and I clipped a carabiner clip to it and my belt loop and off I went to Target!

I roll my yarn into balls now so I needed a smaller (less obvious) clip bag. I found one at Michael’s. I knit any time I get more than 2 minutes to sit still. It makes me happy.

Picking up my daughter, an hour at gymnastics, going to a friend’s house to hang out, movie theaters (for the annoying wait before the movie starts), heavy traffic… sometimes you can sit for an hour inching forward. Small projects like dishcloths are great for that stuff.


What cute stories! I had no idea knitters were such a shy bunch. :wink:

I decided to learn to knit because the basket that I keep my crocheting in is too big to carry around. :shock: My knitting bag is much smaller (about the same size as my purse) and I always have it with me. I don’t get to use it much, but when I do, I’m always glad that I have it with me.

I think people like to watch knitting/crocheting because it’s a hypnotic motion, the kind you can get lost in. I don’t mind if people stare, especially if I don’t know them since they will have no idea that they are watching my fourth attempt. :blush: :roflhard:

For those times when I don’t know if I want to start a row, I have a ball of yarn that I am in the process of rolling into a center pull ball. :thumbsup: (It wasn’t supposed to be that kind of a project – I had no idea it would take me this long! – but now I just keep it in my bag for something to fill the time with when I need it. I enjoy handling yarn, even if only to wind it into a ball around a plastic tube!)

I was working on a scarf while at the hospital waiting for my husband who was having some tests done. The mother of a cute little girl about five years old asked if it was okay for her daughter to sit next to me and watch me knit. She snuggled up to me and held the completed part of the scarf in her hands and just watched, ocassionally asking a question. She told me her Grammy knitted and had promised to teach her. I hope she followed through with that promise!!! :knitting:

I take my knitting or crochet every where with me. Today i took it to the dentist helps me keep calm while i wait. The dentist is so used to it now he just ask what am i working on each time and lets me finish my row before i have to go in.

Typically I always have my knitting bag with me… if I have the opportunity to knit I take it whenever I can.

But 2 weeks ago I was invited to a party at someone’s house that I know from a knitting group I joined a few weeks ago. As a joke I said to my husband when we were leaving that I was bringing my knitting with me. He looked suprised - after all it was a party so I thought about it and left it home. When we got to the party, all the women were in the living room knitting, all them men in the dining room talking about sports, and the kids were in the basement. Do you know how hard it was to sit there all night and watch everyone else knit???

I will never again go anywhere without my knitting!

My knitting goes everywhere with me, too. I keep my knitting in a backpack style purse that I can swing over my shoulder at a moment’s notice—the straps are even long enough that when I ride my motorcycle, my knitting bag fits OVER the backpack carrying my books.

After exams (I’ll graduate and be an RN in May!) I relax with my needles til we go back in to check our results. One day an instructor saw me in biker leathers and boots, knitting a pink and white baby blanket on elegant Brittany black walnut size 10’s…couldn’t get over a knitting biker babe.

Last time I went to the OB/GYN, there were 2 of us knitting and a third crotcheting.

I even had a woman I met in a hospital waiting room invite me to join a group who preserve handcrafts such as quilting, knitting, sewing, embroidery, crotcheting etc, by teaching them to others. Between my heavy classload and the organization being at the other end of the next county over, I didn’t join…but boy was I ever flattered!

I’ve been taking my knitting out in public. I’m a brand new knitter and all I make are “test squares” as I haven’t quite mastered binding off. It’s been nice to have something to do during those times when your waiting for something or on a break at work. A side benifit for me has been it helps keep my social anxiety down a bit because it gets me focused on what I’m doing instead of who all is around me.