Too Tired To Knit

I spent all day today driving my rig through this terrible ice storm that’s pounding Oklahoma. Now I’m just too tired to knit. I’m sure if I tried I’d just mess it up.

Ah well, that’s the great thing about knitting; it’ll be there tomorrow.

My daughter has taken a job in Yuma AZ and just spent the last 4 days driving from Michigan to AZ. They just missed the ice in Tulsa but got hung up in Flagstaff last night. They finally made it to Yuma today.

After dealing with untenable roads, you need to chill out, as my kid would say. The yarn will be there tomorrow. Glad you made it to your designation safely.

We’re expecting the snow tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. I’m praying it misses us, but I guess that’s too much to ask for.

This is what I say about housecleaning. :teehee:

Glad you made it through the icky weather safe and sound.


I’ve been too tired to get much knitting done this week, too. Nothing simple on the needles, though as tired as I was, I probably would’ve messed up garter stitch.

I’m with Stine, to tired to knit this week! Garter stitch is beyond me at this point, so resting is best! Every once in a while we just need a break because I’d hate for us to knit and royally mess something up and then get frustrated with it!

I hope you can rest well, Mason! :heart:

PS that cane is unbelievably awesome.

Having to concentrate so much really does take it out of you. You are right, it will be there tomorrow!

That cane really is cool! My DH has made at least a couple dozen canes…nothing that fancy though. :wink:

Good morning folks. Whew! I really was tired. I put n a DVD and lay down on my bed. I think I was out before the opening credits finished.

Thanks for the comments. And yeah, I think the cane is pretty cool too.

Ah well, having my coffee and getting ready to get back out there. If I make good enough time today I may have some time to do a bit of knitting this evening.

Good Luck Mason. I hope today goes better and is safer for you.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

We’ve got 4" of ice now, more expected this afternoon.

Bmw 507 history

Mason, you be careful! We don’t want one of our star guy knitters to slide off the road!!! I heard it is a nightmare in Oklahoma and Kansas. Come through Memphis, it is nearly 70 here! :teehee:

I have been too tired to knit lately~but I am doingit anyway :eyebrow: :eyebrow: My shoulders hurt and my wrists ache… but I just keep having sooo many projects running through my mind :shrug:
what’s a gal to do??? :roflhard: :roflhard:

I feel for you— got stuck in a patch of bad weater in Va on Wednesday night. We were stopped dead for over 3 hours. I felt so bad for all the time the drivers lost that night, but hopefully they at least got some rest!! I have a CB radio in my car, and I was sitting and knitting away on my hat, chatting with several of the drivers that were still awake :slight_smile: Made the time pass a bit faster!

Thanks everyone. I did make it safely to WI. Of course it’s snowing up here. I’m pretty beat but safe. I’m waiting now to load for KY. I plan to get some much needed rest tonight.

glad you’re safe, Mason! :cheering:
happy resting and knitting! :cheering:

Thanks. :slight_smile: I should get some knitting time in this evening. Finally.


‘long haul truckers = the knights of the road’

Rest well Mason.


Some of us do still think of ourselves in that way.

My dad worked for UPS and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED to drive. He’ d come home from work and take us all for a “ride”. He always referred to long-haul truckers as knights of the road. I’m sure many of them are still the same, but the times they are a-changin’. :muah:

Yeah, the times they are a-changing. The “new breed” we have are not what I would consider “knights” of the road or much of anything else. Those days are rapidly coming to a close.