Too Tight

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep from knitting too tight???. I am trying to work on this problem. I have knitted a few scarves and I have even made a prayer shawl. I just knit too tight.
Any suggestions would really be appreciated.


Practice knitting looser, don’t give your yarn an extra tug after you make a stitch, find a different way to hold your yarn…

This is one of the few articles of knitty i have ever read. It helped me a LOT when I first started knitting because it was the first time I actually realized that I was doing this…

Just keep practicing and as you get more comfortable holding the yarn and needles you will loosen up. Personally I practiced on dishcloths while I was learning. They are quick and easy projects, yarn is super cheap, and there are a million patterns so you can try new stitches at the same time. And then you also have cool dishcloths to give to all your friends :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tips. I started a dishcloth and I didn’t realize that I was tugging the yarn as was mentioned. The dishcloth looks much better than the other pieces.

I appreciate everyone’s help.

Knitting (and crocheting) too tight is a constant battle of mine. I also tend to start looser and as I get used to the pattern I work faster – and even tighter.
As a continental knitter, I used to wrap the yarn through all the fingers on my left hand. It improved when I switched to just using my index finger for tension.

It helps me to think about it in terms of, the stitch does not get tightened by me pulling on the yarn… it gets tightened by the natural movement of the right needle pulling away from the left needle. (I knit Continental… it may be a different direction for English.)

Also when I first started I had a tendency to form the stitch too close to the point. Make sure you’re getting all the way back to where the needle is its full width, and not where it’s starting to slope down to the tip.