Too tight stitches

My other post was on loose stitches, but this one is on tight ones!
I never beleived I knitted ‘too tight’ until I started doing something besides a knit stitch. (I am new to knitting). When I couldn’t Ktog…and couldn’t norwegian purl. I had worked on a giant discloth and had to abandon it becuase I couldn’t do the Ktogs…so I realized I knit WAY too tight.
I am working on a project with plastic DPNS and 100% bulky wool. Now I can get into my stitches easily and do things like Ktog and norwegian purl which want more ‘room’ in the stitch, but I cannot slide my stitches on the needle. Is this because of the plastic/wool or are my stitches still too tight? I am trying to loosen them via not using ANY tension on the working yarn (just leting it slide free) but the stitches are still not sliding on my needle.

Its the plastic. Yuck.

yeah i would say that if you aren’t allowing any tension at all it is probably the plastic. I had a pair of plastic needles that i threw away pretty quickly when i realized how “sticky” they were.

Plastic were recommended as I’m a new DPN user-beccause of the stickiness! I am still wondering though, because I had to reinsert a needle tonight and it was hard to get those little buggers-