Too Tight On Needles

Hi; I am brand spanking new to knitting and am working on my first project. It’s just a simple garter stitch scarf using super bulky yarn and US size 17 needles.

Whether on this project or on my practice piece (medium worsted on US size 10 needles), the loops on the needles get tight and it’s hard to slide the piece along the needle or to work the right needle into the loop to make the next knit stitch…

What am I doing wrong here?

It sounds like you might be twisting your stitches by knitting into the back loop rather than into the front. Check out Amy’s video on the knit stitch to be sure.


Thanks for your reply. I watched Amy’s video again on the knit stitch. While I am not sure what you mean by knitting through the back loop, I am doing it as Amy shows in the video.

I must be doing something wrong though, because I am pretty sure the loops shouldn’t be this tight on the needle. Or maybe they are, I’m not sure.

You may be knitting too tightly and need to loosen up a bit.

Thanks Lisa.

You could be right. Just starting out I know that I was gripping the needles too tightly and had cramped, sore hands as a result. I’m focusing on loosing up a bit.

On another forum it was suggested that perhaps I was forming the stitches more on the needle points than on the body. After knitting a couple of rows it seems that may well be my fatal mistake. I’m paying more attention to making sure I’m forming them on the needle body instead of the points.

That’s another one that happens a lot. Sounds like you are well on your way! :slight_smile:

Thanks Lisa.

I guess that’s why they call it learning. LOL

Knitty article on loosening up here. More tips here too.

Wow Jane, thanks loads.

I saw my problems in those two articles. I am indeed giving that yarn a little tug after each stitch as well as was forming the stitches on the points.

Great articles, and good to know I’m catching these bad habits early.

You’ll get there!

When casting on, use a needle size bigger than what you are using. THat will at least loosen up the cast on. I think amy also recommends somewhere to use one needle the size you want and one needle size bigger. Alternating between the two lossens up too. I think. Good luck.

i also find that the 17 is a hard needle to work with. it actually seems too tapered to me at the end and makes it hard to make sure you get the full stitch on to the needle. i bought a size 17 needle a long time ago but i do everything i can to avoid patterns that require me to use it! :wall:

I think 2 sizes of needles would just confuse me even more LOL

The 17 does seem pretty hard to work with. I’ve laid aside that super bulky (and way too fuzzy to see what you’re doing) wool and gone back to medium worsted and a US size 10. I’m going to attempt a scarf with this, I am just trying to decide whether to do it all garter stitch or something more creative.

I think for a first project I’d be better off sticking with garter stitch until I get the hang of it. I was thinking of doing it in 2x2 ribbing but haven’t quite made up my mind as to whether I am ready for anything more complicated than straight knit stitch. Probably not.

You’re ready for whatever you want. What’s the worse that can happen? :shrug:

Aneurysm? :wall:

I’m taking a shot at it.