Too Tight of a Knitter

So far I’ve only learned to knit/purl dishcloths. I’m going to take a class starting next week that is for beginners where you make a sweater, and I’m so excited!

But one thing I’ve noticed is I’m a VERY tight knitter. Now, it works for me, but when I was asking a lady at work to help me, she picked up my knitting and went to do a row and said it was too tight. Is that true? I don’t have an issue with it - it goes fine for me, but I wonder if my gauge will be way off or if for some other reason I need to work on loosening my knitting.

If so, how do you even do that. I just knit as it comes naturally - I’ve tried to “loosen” it, but then it’s all uneven. Any suggestions?


when i first started knitting, i was really tight. that’s how you keep the stitches on your needles, right? :teehee: i loosened up with time. now i can knit tight, normal, or loose. usually it’s more normal, but tight/loose isn’t a problem, i just have to make an effort to think about what i’m doing. you will probably loosen up as you keep knitting. :knitting: i would suggest doing a gauge swatch first if you’re following a pattern. if you have too many stitches per inch, just go up a needle size (or two). if you’re just knitting “off the cuff,” don’t worry about it.

fyi, if you’re ever interested in knitting dishcloths, the tighter the better. they’re small, but they’re real workhorses. the tight stitches will never threaten to come apart. :wink:

now that i’m reading your post again, i see that you’re already knitting dishcloths. silly me! :doh: but still, the tight stitches are great for those. i knit some for my mom and she definitely prefers the tighter stitches. she says they scrub better, and i have to agree. they’re great! :thumbsup:

Don’t worry about it.
Some people knit tightly; some knit loosely.
Some people knit sweaters loosely but tighten up when they make socks and lace.

Gauge isn’t a matter of how tightly you knit. If you aren’t getting the right gauge, try again with a larger needle.

Is it possible to knit TOO tightly? Yes, if you have to struggle to get your needle into the stitches and work hard to drag the yarn through them. If that’s the case (and I don’t think it is from what you’re saying), take a look at this article from knitty.

Many new knitters knit tightly because they’re tense and concerned that the stitches are going to fall off the needle. You may find yourself loosening up as you become more experienced. Or not. The important thing is that you’re developing your own comfortable knitting style.

Knitasha, thanks for the article. I read it and your right - I’m not doing that. I’m not doing the “extra” step. I guess maybe I’m just a tight girl - and maybe I’ll loosen up, maybe not. But, regardless, I’m not gonna worry about it anymore :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reassurance!