Too tight knitter

I’m such a tight knitter that none of the patterns come out right I would need top knit on needles 3 sizes larger than the directions call for to get the gauge right. Is that my only option or ours there away to add stitches without throwing the rest of the pattern off? Right now I’m trying for mittens

Mittens are a tough call… If you’re an experienced knitter adding stitches may work, but the easiest way is to increase needle size.

That’s what the gauge measurements are for on patterns. To test the yarn you’re going to use and needle size that works for you. You want mittens to be warm though so you want a little tighter gauge.

Do a swatch with larger needles and see if you like the fabric. And I suggest trying to knit looser. Don’t pull the yarn so tight when you knit.

What Jan said.:knitting: Have you been knitting long or just started? I found that making sure the new stitch was on the fattest part of the needle and not just the tip was important to loosening up my stitches. Knitting too tight was hard on my hands, now I find that I don’t need to grip the needles, they mostly rest in my hands and my hands don’t hurt or stiffen up like they used to.

I agree with all of the above. I’m a loose knitter and I’ve sometimes had to drop [I]down[/I] 3 needle sizes to get gauge. It works.

You’re not the only tight knitter that has to go up several sizes to match the gauge. If you just adjusted the stitches, they might be too stiff. If you have the habit of pulling the yarn after you’ve done the stitch, stop doing that - knitting the next stitch tightens up the previous one. If you think the stitches are a little uneven with a looser tension, washing the item takes care of that.

Thanks for the advice I’m new to knitting but I’ll try to loosen up:)