Too tight bind-off on too long of a panel

I’m working on a sweater. I realized too late that I bound off the collar way too tightly. The panel is also about a quarter inch too long. Since the top is just a few rows of garter stitch, my plan is to unbind, unravel a row, and then rebind more loosely. I think it will work, but argh it looks like a lot of backward work. Any suggestions or shortcuts? thanks

Nope that’s about how we’d all do it. You might use a needle a size or 2 larger for the BO though, that helps.

I agree with Suzeeq. I would also suggest using a crochet hook to bind off. Whenever I want to be sure that I bind off loosely, I use a crochet hook. Just seems to work better for me, maybe it would for you too. Happy Tinking! I feel your pain.

Once you get the final stitch picked out, taking out a bound-off edge is easy. Just a little tug and the stitches pop out.

If you want a looser bind off try a sewn bind off.