Too slow

I have too many stitches crammed onto a 16 inch needle. The only other size 9 I have is a 24. Should I switch? Pushing stitches around is slowing me down, but I’m not sure about using a cable that is too long either.


I assume you’re knitting in the round? the stitches should fill the needles comfortably, without stretching too much. if you’re knitting flat, then no problem.

Yeah if you’re knitting flat it doesn’t matter, but if knitting in the round it’s much better to have the stitches scrunched up than spread out too much.

However, if you’re knitting in the round and there’s so many stitches you have to push them around every few stitches, switch over to the longer ones.


Not used to changing needles. Thanks!


No, just knit onto the new needle. Much easier that way.

When I read that tip, I was like “Great!”. Then I started thinking about it. How do I do this?

Take your new needle in your right hand and the left needle of the needle you’re working on in your left hand and just knit. If you’ve got all the stitches on the right-handneedle, you can switch to knitting in the round on that needle again.

and if the 24" is a bit too long you can always do a modified Magic Loop to make it work. It’s always a pay off between whether too cramped or too tight. I prefer too cramped myself (actually I would like needles that are always the perfect size, but life isn’t a Walgreen’s commercial)