Too sick to knit :(

I came home today from work with the beginnings of the flu. Achy, sweaty, cold, etc. For the record I HATE it when people come to work sick, it just gets everyone else sick. We’ve all worked there a long time, it’s a small company, no one’s job is going to suffer if you go home sick. :hair:So I came home, ate soup and went to bed for 2 hours. I hate being home and feeling crummy. You can’t get anything done. I couldn’t concentrate on schoolwork, so I went out to rake. The fresh air and excercise (with a LOT of breaks) actually did me good. But I still felt crummy so back went on the jammies and I thought I would sit down with Silver’s palindrome pattern and make my winter scarf. All of my family members have a nice hand made scarf from me. I don’t have one. :pout: I found out I’m too sick to knit. Apparently I can rake just fine. But I cannot count 2x2 ribbing. I cannot cable. I cannot rip out and cast on the same amount of stitches. :frog:It’s a scarf. And I can’t make it because I feel like poo. I only hope this doesn’t last:waah:

There’s a bug that’s definitely going around the country. I had it and I know several others who have had it or are coming down with it.

Time to just pamper yourself, drink lots of fluids, and rest as much as possible.

Sorry you’re feeling crummy.

So sorry!! I’ve been there before so I know what you mean…hope you get to feeling better!

Sorry you’re not feeling well. :frowning:

Time to put the knitting aside, cuddle up with a blanket and pick-up the remote. Shot in the dark here – X-Files reruns, perhaps? :wink:

:hug:Hope you’re feeling better soon.


That’s a decent idea! I have season 1 on dvd, and all seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I’m a bit of a fan:roflhard:) After cable gets thru with it’s marathon of funniest home videos I might get those out!

I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling ill, its really boring sitting at home when your brain won’t concentrate on anything. Generally when feeling crummy I curl up on the sofa, or in bed, with a hot drink and watch dvds, I also find chocolate helps, depends how crummy you feel.
Get well soon!!!


There is something going around, that is for sure!

:hug: Perhaps you’ll get over it quickly!Crossed Fingers

Ugh… nothing worse than being too sick to knit! Hope you’ll feel better soon- enough to knit and not good enough to go to work… Yeah, that’ll work! Mary

I’m sorry you’re sick…
I had the flu a couple weeks ago, and if it’s like the one everyone around here has - I took mucinex (the one with the green label) and I was better 2 days later, which is like a miracle from monkeys for me.
It especially helps with the breathing while asleep part.

I hope you feel better soon. & I hope you get comfortable rest!

Can’t beat watching Buffy when you’re under the weather. Sorry to hear you’re feeling so poorly. :hug:

There’s nothing worse than feeling sick and being unable to do anything comforting. Hope you feel much better soon! I haven’t caught the flu since I started knitting, but I tried to start a diagonal rib scarf once when I was very sick with my monthly problem. The diagonal rib was zigzagged. I have no idea what I did to create that, but it looked pretty good. The problem was, I couldn’t keep the zigzags even because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong!

(I’m with you on not going to work sick. It’s just plain rude.)

Hope you feel better soon :hug:

Get better soon !
I know it is not nice to be ill. Ihave had my 7yr old son at home from school for the whole week with the cold.

Just take it easy and the knitting will wait for when you are better :slight_smile:

I Hope you feel better soon…Thats terrible that you can’t knit you must be really bad!!!

:hug:Aw. Bless your heart. Sick [B][I][U]AND[/U][/I][/B] too sick to knit. Really [B]s*cks![/B] Just curl up with a hot cup of tea and the remote. Maybe watch movies with knitting in them while you are snuggling up to a hank of Malabrigo. Hope you feel better soon!

:muah:Thanks everyone for the well wishes! It makes me feel a bit better!
I do feel a little better today, but I figured since it’s a Friday and I’m still achy and tired I would just stay home again. No sense in going to work and not getting much done when I can just rest more. Work will still be there on monday:zombie:

There’s definitely something going around. My DH decided to give me his “allergies” (that’s what he kept insisting his sore throat and stuffy nose were) a couple of weeks ago. It is miserable. Then DS got it. Anyway, I find that when I have a bad cold or something to that effect I have trouble concentrating with my eyes. They hurt too much. I tried to knit a Clapotis last Winter while laid up with a sinus infection. I made so many mistakes I had to frog it four times. Lesson learned - save the knitting for when your eyes aren’t achy. It’s a bummer because being sick is so boring, but I hope you get to feeling better soon. Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids. And eat anything you feel up to eating. That’s what our mom always told us. :slight_smile:

I once had to unravel half a baby sweater because I tried to knit when I was sick, so I learned my lesson. lol. I hope you’re feeling better soon. There really is nothing like some good Buffy episodes to perk a person up. :wink: