Too perfect of stitches!

I never thought that I would say this, but my stitches are too perfect. I am making a baby sweater knit from the top down on circulars. You put the sts for the sleeves on holders. When you are ready you separate them onto dpn and knit to desired length. The problem is that the knitting done on the dpn’s are perfect and smaller, like they were made with a machine. Unfortunately, the rest of the sweater doesn’t look like that. You can easily see where I started using the dpn’s on the sleeves. What can I do? Would using bigger dpn’s help do you think?

Congrats on perfection! If the only difference is size, then sure, try larger dpns. Couldn’t hurt!


Well, size is the most part, but also the stitches done on the circulars aren’t as straight. My usual knitting stitches sort of weave back and forth. The dpn’s stitches don’t do that.

huh - the weaving part is weird. Are some loose and some tighter (the ones done on the circs)? Are the circs made of the same material as the dpns - wood or metal? Maybe you knit differently on the circs because of the way the yarn behaves on them? I don’t know - absolutely guessing. It’s good that you are so consistent on the dpns - usually these are what give everyone trouble!

sorry I can’t be more help!

I think the weaving back and forth is with the circulars, because my straight needles knitting has straight stitches. It looks cool though.

Carol, good thinking, your problem-solving brain is two steps ahead of mine! Those are great ideas.

:?? The only other thing I can think of is that if you’re using 16" circulars, that the straight part, the needle ends that you hold onto and knit with, might not be long enough to grab onto, and may be making you knit differently. If so, try using 20" (double check, but they should have good, longer needle ends). Or, using two circulars. I just discovered (invented? I doubt it) a trick where if you have a set of interchangeable circular needles, you don’t need to buy another circular needle to knit with two circulars using the kit. I’ll post a new thread about it.


Well, sorry to say I gave up on the sweater for now. I did figure out what the problem was. The dpn’s uses a knit stitch. The circulars were done with knit & purl, turning it at the end of the row. So my knit stitches slant one way and my purl the other way. for some reason the stitches are big too. The sweater is done on size 4 needles, but I went up to a size 9 for the sleeves and they still weren’t quite the same size stitches. Oh well, When I have more time I’ll sit and try to figure it out. Thanks for all your help. :smiley: