Too Much!

Do you ever feel like you have too much knitting to do?

Let me try to explain myself. We have some money set aside that we are using for home improvements. Last year, we got a new couch and chair. I didn’t get throw pillows, because I decided I could knit some. I also got some yarn to make some hand towels from the pattern in Mason Dixon Knitting. It’s a cotton/linen blend that is so soft and pretty. Next week, we will be adding a utility room, and remodeling the kitchen. I threw away two throw rugs, because I’d washed them so much that the rubber backing was peeling off. I didn’t buy any to replace them, because, I decided that this is another thing that I can knit. I also want to eventually have only hand knitted dishcloths.

Well, so far, I haven’t even started any of the above projects, because I took advantage of a sale on sock yarn, and can’t seem to get out of this sock knitting frenzy I seem to have developed. I mean, even when I try to make something else, all I can think about is how I’d rather be knitting socks. Then again, I feel a little bad about knitting socks when I’m soooo behind on my other things. But, then again, these are projects for me, and my house. I mean…it’s not like I promise to knit for someone else, and haven’t kept that promise. And I did buy all that sock yarn…Right? :wall:

Please tell me I’m not the only person whose ever done this. :doh:

I’m on a sock kick right now too.

Maybe you could do one pair of socks and then do one thing for the house. Because you’ll be looking forward to the socks, you’ll probably work through the “house” project quicker.

I get ahead of myself like that sometimes. That’s when I tell myself to slow down, breath, and then I sort things into priorities.
Maybe you could knit for a certain amount of time on the rugs or towels, etc. and then reward yourself with some sock knitting! That’s what I’d do.

this is why I have so many patterns…books, magazines, leaflets…on and on. I am working my way through my stash and TRYING very hard not to buy any yarn right now. But just as it is hard to resist a good yarn sale, it is so very hard to resist buying, downloading, more patterns. I keep telling myself that I should offer some of them to any takers here at KH!!!Tillie

I make 3 copies of every free pattern i find
and share as i find interest
I have multiple projects going at the same time
I find a time when It is no longer ok to NOT finish each job
then i have to finish that one project before I M allowed (by ME) to work on anything else

so I have a variety of priorities to work on
and I DO i DO (in the words of Roger Rabbit)


I do

This is a great idea! Thanks. :cheering:

I was going to say the same thing~ maybe prioritize what you want to do first… Maybe some of the projects ~ like a rubber backed mat could be bought at the store so you can focus on the one home item you want the most~
Also, I have a hunch that socks are faster to finish than the other projects~ That maybe one more reason you can’t get the fire back~!

I have that problem right now to a lesser degree… I am working on an afghan for a family member… I told him it will be knit in blocks… kinda like a patchwork quilt… I just CAN’T sit and knit such a big project for so long with getting :sleepy:

Oh, yeah! I have too much of EVERYTHING to do!!

[color=green]Take care of:[/color]
1 husband
4 kids + 1 kid-in-law
6 grandkids
1 healthfood store
1 family home
1 doggie + 1 kitty cat

[color=green]Find time for:[/color]
Playing with grandchildren

[color=green]Pay for:[/color]
3 college tuitions (including my own)
1 last set of orthodontia (3 down, 1 to go)

1 degree in naturopathy
1 50th Wedding Anniversary Honorarium Quilt for my parents
1 knitted scarf
1 knitted shawl
1 knitted sock (other one is done)
1 sewing of a set of drapes for above mentioned healthfood store

Loads of dishes and laundry, bathrooms to scrub (both home and store)
Floors to sweep, mop & vacuum (both home and store)
Meals to prepare (both home and store)

[color=green]Quality of life:[/color]
:heart: :heart: :heart:


welcome to my world…i got at least 15 projects hanging on the needles yelling at me to finish them ! i just take forever to do it ! i not only do alot of shawl but i love to start new projects then ignore them and starts new ones !!! i tried to change that …it my 2007 resolution !