Too Much Yarn?!

Normally, this would not be a problem.

I’m in the process of making a sweater for my son. I substituted KP Sierra (now Cadence), 100 gram skein 110 yards for Crystal Palace Cameo, 50 gram skein 77 yards. The pattern called for 17 skeins of Cameo (1309 yards total). I ordered 13 skeins of Sierra/Cadence (1430 yards). I have completed the front and back. I added 3 inches in the length from the cast on to the underarm bind off and 2 inches from the underarm bind off to the shoulder. I still have to knit the two sleeves (with a pattern block down each) which I will lengthen approx 2 inches.

Cameo is a tubular chunky weight while Sierra/Cadence is your normal chunky weight spun wool. My gauge is spot on.

I still have 6-1/2 skeins/balls of yarn for 2 sleeves and the neck trim. Doesn’t that seem like a lot of extra yarn? I probably could have ordered one less skein, but that is still 5 skeins left.

It looks OK. I haven’t fit it on him yet, but I’m getting awfully nervous.


Have you measured your work against the measuements for his size, or him? If they’re about right, what’s to worry? Look at it this way… you can make a matching hat and scarf with the extra. Or trade it away for something else…

I have visions of frogging the whole thing. I wanted to check the armhole so I did check that and it looked like it was going to be OK. It just seems weird to have so much extra yarn. Fortunately I didn’t buy something that was $12/skein.

I have found that sometimes the pattern designer adds extra yardage into their measurements to compensate for tension variations. Plus I have also found that even when my gauge is spot on, I’ll still use different yardage than what is called for in the pattern. Add to all that the fact that different yarns knit up differently even when they are the same gauge and voila you have extra yarn. At least you didn’t end up the other way and say, “I only have 1 ball of yarn left to do 2 sleeves and the neck!”