Too much of a prude?

Oh my, I just have to vent for a moment. I just finished perusing the new patterns on Ravelry where I came across a picture of a young man nude wearing only a knitted hat and a woman wearing a sweater with knitted male organs. I was thoroughly disgusted. My daughters knit and use this site often to search for patterns. I know they are not babies, but why should young women be exposed to such things on a knitting site? Am I being too much of a prude?

I have to agree with you. I don’t want to see that, and I’d hate for others to see it, too.

Okay, I went and looked at the picture of the guy, and at least he’s not exposing himself–still not appropriate for young girls, but not as bad as I had imagined. I never found the woman wearing the male organs, so no comment about that.

It think it would be appropriate to notify the Ravelry creators and express your concern–especially in light of the fact that many young girls regularly use Ravelry.

Usually patterns like that are limited to an “adult content” category on Ravelry and I haven’t had them come up in pattern searches I’ve done. I agree that they’re inappropriate for children and teens and offensive to many. This may be a good opportunity for you to talk to your daughters or to remind them again about Internet content in general and even seemingly inocuous sites like Ravelry.

Unfortunately, commercials on TV show more than anything I’ve seen at ravelry. I agree that they shouldn’t just pop up for anyone to see.

I’m all for nakey people, but when advertising a pattern yeah I can see that you aren’t selling the human form you are getting a garment out there. Some people will use the shock and awe to further their cause, if you consider your case for example, look at the attention you have now brought to their product which I’m sure is what they were after. Even negative attention can be good.

I agree with you has no business up there. This isn’t 4chan.

IMO, these days we’re living in are totally shocking. Lots of folks are like you (and me) don’t appreciate references to the sexual parts of the body or sexual acts.

I was shocked to see a photo on my granddaughter’s FB page. It was a photo from a bridal shower for her BFF. The cake was built to be a male penis. Ugh. And I heard that this is quite common at bridal showers.

So there’s the new generation for ya. I shudder to think what [B]their daughters[/B] will view as ‘normal’.