Too much coating on Addi lace tips?

I’m just trying out a new circular Addi 2.5mm Lace Needle. I have other lace needles from Addi and have enjoyed using them a lot. I know they’re supposed to have a coating on the tips for more “bite”, but this set seems almost sticky at the tips (the rest of the needles seem fine), and I’m having to use effort to knit just to get the tips to slide past each other smoothly.

Is there such a thing as Addi’s with too much tip coating on them, and what do you think I should do about them, if anything? Will it wear off on its own, do you think?

I’ve never had this issue with my Addis (I only have a couple of sets of their lace needles, but about 10 of their regular needles). I have heard that dealing with returns for them can be a hassle, but I’ve never had to do that personally so I don’t know.

Did you buy them recently and at a LYS? If so, I’d take them back. Or contact Addi to find out what your options are.

If you’ve had them for awhile, I’m wondering if maybe you could do something to the needles to make them smoother, like perhaps painting a coat of clear nail polish on them? (Although that might make it worse–I don’t know.)

Thanks Marria – I think I’ll knit with them today and see if it gets any better over the day. If it doesn’t…back they’ll go, and hopefully they’ll have some I can exchange. It’s a very weird feeling thing – like the tips stick together when you’re knitting…

Well, they did seem to get a bit better today – so perhaps they just needed some sticky stuff worn off them or something.