Too many tomatoes

Our garden has been funny this year. All 52 of my tomatoes appear to be going ripe at the same time !! Anyone ever can tomatoes or salsa? I’ve done pickles the years my cucumbers went haywire, but I’ve never gotten so many tomatoes. My plants are 7-8ft tall.

my dad went a bit nuts with his container garden this year, and the tomatoes went nuts right back at him… he’s been drying the ones we all (parents, me, various neighbors, coworkers) can’t eat (washed, sliced, food dehydrator) for use later in sauces, on pizzas etc. once dry, they go into doubled ziploc bags, or vacuum seal bags, and into the freezer.

same thing with all of his herbs (4 kinds of basil, 2 different oreganos, 3 cilantros, etc). so far the green peppers are ok to keep up with, and the potatoes, while plentiful, will keep in their containers ok.

but those tomatoes… lol… so, so many tomatoes.

your garden sounds great ! I have yet to venture into herbs. Our winters here will kill them and I wasn’t sure what to do with it all. I don’t have a food dehydrator…

Our crops have been funny this year. I planted 3 rows of lettuce and I could not give it away fast enough ! I told my husband I should have set up a driveway stand selling organic leaf lettuce. I planted spinach the next row over and got about 3 leaves…

Now I have gigantic tomatoes and pumpkins running everywhere ! Each morning I have to re-route the pumpkins into the garden lest the puppy and his 2 boys trample them.

Oh - and my marigolds are 4ft tall - I am not joking they are taller than my son.

if you were interested, you could still dehydrate items, using your oven. it just needs to be able to go to a lower temp, in the 150-170 range.

You can’t have too many tomatoes!

Just make them into a pizza topping sauce and freeze it in batches. :happydance:

Well…it turns out they ripened about 7-8 at a time and so we gave a couple away and ate the others. Turns out my 4yr old likes to eat tomatoes straight out of the garden like an apple !!

The taste of tomatoes from the garden is a world away from those bought in the supermarket! Lucky you!

Tomatoes are so full of goodness I expect you are pleased that your 4yr old is tucking into them. :slight_smile:

Glad your little one enjoyed them! I have bunches of tomatoes right now. I have canned salsa and tomato juice . If you are interested in the future, check with your local extension agency for guidelines for your area. I also dry some and freeze some when I get tired of them. Also tomato soup made from fresh tomatoes is the best!
If you do plant herbs, they do not need to be dried in a dehydrator. I prefer to hang mine to dry. You might want to try some hardier perennial herbs, like oregano, thyme and sage. My plants have been around 18 years or so. I do mulch them in the fall. They are some of the first things to come up in the spring. I have several different kinds of mint also. Of course, it grows like a weed!

If you have tomatoes at the end of the season that are still green and you don’t think that they are going to ripen on the vine, I’ve heard that you can put them in a dark drawer with a banana to get them to go red. :wink:

I’ve never had good luck ripening green tomatoes so I have been looking up recipes and made a green tomato relish/salsa for some fish we grilled last night and it was AWESOME ! The fish was gone and the boys were eating the salsa with spoons.

I’ve had problems with tomatoes ripening too fast. We always kept them out of the sun until we wanted them to ripen then would put them on a window sill or something.

Fried Green Tomatoes. I like them and the movie.

Me too!

here’s what to do when ALL your tomatoes ripen at once, you’ve run out of cans/jars/bowls/freezerbags, and all your friends, family and neighbours run away screaming when they see you coming:

put them in brown paper bags.
drive to a different neighbourhood late at night.

go up to a house door, leave a bag, ring the bell and run like the wind.

Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

Yep - they don’t even need to be in a drawer - I had to pick mine before they were ripe last year because the dreaded blight caught them. I laid them out on cardboard trays on window sills with a banana to each tray and they all came through. The bananas give off ethylene gas which is a natural ripening agent.