Too many stitches!

Hi :slight_smile:
Im new to this forum. Im in desperate need for help. Im knitting a scarf thats suppose to be a bday present this thrusday…and as im stitching…i realized i did too many stitches…i did a row of 33 stitches… :wall:
its for guy tahts 5"10…is that too many?..
if it is, is there a way to reduce it without taking the whole thing apart?

please help!! :pout:

How many did you cast on? Are you accidentally increasing? Yes you can decrease, but it WILL affect the look of the scarf because it will narrow down at that point.

The number of stitches doesn’t matter so much, unless your pattern requires a certain number or multiple. If you are doing garter stitch (knit every row) stitch number doesn’t matter, what matters is how wide it is. Do you think it’s too wide for this particular recipient?

I can’t think of a way to narrow it, although you could fold it in half later and sew the two edges together - but that will be a lot of extra work, knitting the rest of the scarf wider! If you think that it’s too wide, the best option is probably to start again - consider it practice!


Thanks for the reply Jan and redwitch!! :hug:
Yea, thats what i thought, i didn’t think it was possible to reduce the number of stitches in the row to make the scarf less wide. :oops: great, so now i have to restart the whole thing, but given that im only a newbie in this…-_- i wonder if 2 all nighters would be enough :pout:

But how many should i cast on for a man thts 5"10 - 5"11 tall?..(how wide shouldi make the scarf, that it isn’t too bulgy…if u know whati mean…

Im using a USA 10.5 needle.

i normally think about 20 or 25 st is right for a scarf, depending on how bulky the wool is.

I was thinking about 30. You can CO and knit about 5 rows to see how wide it is and if you have to adjust you aren’t too far into the scarf to start over.

Got it! thanks so much… :slight_smile:
I’ve decided to do 27 for the cast on,…and it looks just about right :slight_smile:
thanks!! :muah: