Too many stitches

I have two stitches to many . How do I determine where I increased/added these stitches

It could be a number of reasons. When knitting flat and turning, do you take the yarn to the back under the needle? Taking yarn to the back over the needle makes the first stitch look like two sts.
Otherwise, try following the columns of knits or purls up to the needle and see if you can spot an extra column that starts mid-project.
See if these posts help out:

You can post a photo of your work if you think that might help.
What are you making and what is the name of the pattern you are following?

Also, when you start a new row, give a little tug to orient the stitches. If you don’t and the end stitch is turned up it will look like two stitches. If you knit both, you are adding a stitch. If its any consolation, just about everyone makes this mistake when they start.