Too many stitches in pattern

Hi there Help plzz im doing a peterpan pattern p801 size 2 and im following the pattern from 1-8 but i seem to have too many stitches when i ne to start from 1 again i nd to repeat the pattern 4 more times and its going wron strarted this pattern about 12 times so far plzz help as it is very frustrating thankyou maj

There’s probably a section where you repeat the stitch pattern until you use up the sts. If you have a link to the pattern or can type out someof the rows that would help a lot.

yes there is but through the pattern u ad stitches until u get too row seven then u have to take off the stitches that u have made previously im making bobbles but before that im making a holey pattern and making another pattern inbetween that pattern but im going tom buy a printer today so ill be able to print it to u i hope lol with my sons help thankyou for ur help

Please don’t copy the whole pattern, that’s a copyright violation; just a few rows is allowed though so we can help you.