Too many stitches? HELP! (response from lionbrand)

ETA II got a response from lionbrand. I STILL don’t know if I am supposed to ssk on each k row of if I omit that step!!! Here is my email to them:
[b]I have working on the fisherman’s shrug. I am new to knitting but pretty much
know all my stitches. I need a little help understanding the directions for this
shrug…when I get to the part where it says to shape the armholes, I start
running into trouble (understanding the pattern)

It says (in the corrected part)

Dec row

Row 1 K1, ssk, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1–32 (34) sts.

Row 2 and all even-numbered rows (WS) Purl.

Rep Rows 1 and 2 ONCE MORE–30 (32) sts

Next row and every odd-numbered row (RS) K to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. Rep this RS
row and purl WS row fourteen times–16 (18) sts. Purl 1 row and place sts on
stitch holder.

My question is:

WHen I do row one, EXACTLY like it says, then do ROW TWO…I repeat row one
and row two ONE more time. THEN I JUST knit (no SSK) until I get to the LAST
three stitches, THEN k2tog. purl, then do this again until I have 16 stitches OR
do I just do this 14 times?


[b]Yes, that is correct.

With Warm Regards,

Customer Support

Lion Brand Yarn Company [/b]

Am I just STUPID??? I feel like an idiot! :pout:

Hi Guys! I’m still working on my shrug and I am shaping the armholes. Well I have TWO rows left, before I reach the 14th time where I am supposed to have 16 stitches on my needles. I have TOO many stitches. I have 32 stitches. What in the WORLD did I do wrong??? DO I jsut keep going UNTIL have 16 on there??? I’ve asked questions before and followed what I was told to do in this thread…

3kids…this is why I didn’t respond to you question yesterday…it doesn’t seem right to me that you would dec on only one side of an armhole. did you do as Heather said and cont to dec on BOTH

3kids…it doesn’t seem right to me that you would dec on only one side of an armhole even though that is how the pattern is written. Did you do as Heathersuggested and cont to dec on BOTH sides??? I went to the Lion Brand site and read the pattern. I think even though it shows lots of corrections (in red) it seems to me there is still an error in this part of the pattern. Don’t give up and be sure to post a picture when you get this done!!!Tillie Another thought, have you tried contacting Lion Brand???

No I did not do what heather said, but when I look at it, I can tell that if I did, to the ssk, that it would have been decreased on both sides. THe side where I k2tog is decreased, and the other side just looks crazy, I did send lionbrand an email, so I am going to frog it and wait until I hear from them.

THanks for responding. I will post a pic and update you all.

THanks again. It’s appreciated.

Which part are you on, the armhole shaping on the back or the sleeve?


I am on the armhole shaping. I haven’t even looked at the sleeve yet.

For the back the pattern says:
"Cont in St st, inc 1 st at each edge every 6th row (on Knit row) three times. Work until piece measures 8 (10) in. 44 (48) sts.

Shape armholes
Row 1 K1, ssk, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1
Row 2 Purl.
Rep Rows 1 and 2 thirteen (14) times more. Place rem 16 (18) sts on holder."

You start with 44 sts, dec 2 sts each Row 1 14 times. That’s 44-28=16. That pattern clearly states to ssk and k2tog on the decrease row.


Thanks so much suzeeq. I am going to start on this again tomorrow. I guess I was having trouble understanding the pattern. I really do appreaciate all of your help!

Thanks again!

I think you might have been skipping down to the armhole shaping on the sleeves. It’s similar, but a little different. Losing one’s place in the pattern happens sometimes.


And I did do that lol, thanks again for your help!


You got the response you did from Lion because you didn’t tell them you were working on the back shaping. Those instructions are for the sleeve shaping and are correct because the sleeves go off at a weird angle, but the back needs to be decreased on both sides…